Giza Metropolitan Language School, is not just like any other school; it is our second home where we will be spending most of our memoriable moments. Indeed, it is where we feel as a big family under a single roof no matter how diffrent we are. Throughout my years of experience in the eductation sector, over 2500 students have come into my life, graduated, and become responsible men and women whom I am extremely proud of. Their relentless success stories give me the urge to create what is new and keep me going. I am an avid believer that the more the next generation will flourish, the more we will excel, and that will, undoubtedly, lead us to a better future. I hope you enjoy your experience with us.

Co-founder and Legal Representative

Certified Teachers

who are concerned with the self-development of GMLS students.

Special Education

Highly equipped spacious classrooms in addition to advanced teaching facilities.

Book & Library

foster an environment to enhance learning, teaching, research, and personal enlightenment.

Sport Clubs

In collaboration with Al-Ahram Equestrian and Sports Club in order to practice school activities.

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Safety First

Regular Classes

Certified Teachers

Sufficient Classrooms

Creative Lessons

Sports Facilities

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